Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Respect bro

Respect is most important thing that one should have in him/herself. Respect is a good thing, a positive feeling towards other person. Rudeness is the word for lack of respect.
I often see people behave rudely with a waiter in restaurant or bar, a security guard of an organization. You might be wondering if you are one of them. It represents disrespect towards that person. This is most stupid human behavior and mentality.
I will say the reason, people respect others only those who are achieved something and got notified by them. Ex: celebrities, sports persons, relatives and friends who earned more money or in big position in any field,caste, religion, region, political background, self benefits. People respect their accomplishments not them. This is simply a fake respect. I don't like it. A waiter in bar might work hard to get into that position that you don't know and you don't need to because you are in big position than him.
This happens really in our daily life if you consider a scenario of a gang of friends the following things might happen if you observe:
  • A richest person might misbehave with a person who don't have much money.
  • A jobholder might act rudely with a person who is unemployed.
  • Any another serious or dominant guy who might use or dominate another person for the simple reason he can't say No or he don't want to be rude.
Few people behave as mentioned above unconsciously. When they observe themselves or someone says to him and if they realize and feel sorry and apologize then it's OK. But, few people know what is wrong and what is right and they knew it that they are doing intentionally. I have a word for them.
  • If you are born to a family which under poverty line, What you gonna do?
  • If even luck didn't favor you in getting job, What you gonna do?
  • If a person lost control and slap you in a public, What you gonna do?
 Respecting is a good thing helps building relationships and having faith in each other.  Respect each other for +ve's rather than pointing -ve's in others. No one is perfect. No one is greater than anyone else. Respect people who have good personality not the things behind that personality.

“I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that.”  ― Eminem

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” ― Albert Einstein
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    Saturday, September 29, 2012

    Being Jobless & lonely

    As I had no work in my office for past few months, I felt more alone. Unlike my college days, I didn't really enjoyed the spare time. Because, I wasn't with my family or I wasn't with my friends, I was alone. Even though, I was with my friends when they are free, I felt this is not enough. I want those days back, but I understood it's quite impossible as everyone got their own responsibilities, priorities etc.

     I was thinking a lot during that time. When you are alone you tend to think. You tend to think about everything, you observe a lot. There was many thoughts running in my mind. Actually, you MISS every one. We won't miss anyone until you remember them. When you don't do anything you will definitely think about everyone related to you and you feel that you are missing them. I actually understood what Morgan freeman was saying " GET BUSY LIVING, GET BUSY DYING".

    Actually, I wasn't happy, I didn't satisfy with the things they are. I wanted to do something but I can't, I don't know whether i will do it in future or not. The reasons were simple responsibilities, a secure career, money etc. There are many constraints differ from individual to individual.
    Resulting, mental sickness and frustration.

    One thing I understood is from now we should manage to be happy, it won't come in the natural way.
    Organization skills and time management skills plays a vital role.

    Thinking like an optimist, everything is good for us. Being lonely and having no work for few months tell you how to live rest of your life.

    Saturday, September 1, 2012

    Life after College

    At this stage we have pretty knowledge on various things and society. We join in an organization. Initially, the things are bit exciting new work place, new mates. We undergone training  and enjoyed in weekends. We waited for most important thing first salary. Few of us donated some to orphanages, few of us went to temples and drop some money in Hundis, few of us brought new cellphones, few of us gave money to parents etc. We have bought whatever we wanted to buy. For few months you seems to enjoy but after few months unknowingly we feel that this is not happening. We needed so much money as soon as we join in any organization. We wanted to buy everything we wanted to buy whatever it may be. We wanted to achieve our childhood dreams or anything we wanted. Then we get realize that this is not gonna happen with our job we have to do something else to fulfill our needs. Then we get realize the most important thing that am i interested in what i am doing right now? what are my interests? What are the ways and what we need to live life happily? At this point of time we realize that 'I should have done this then, I would be like this today'.

    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    Fun, Freedom, Time - Youth

    As I said we used to dream much in teenage and childhood, at youth we forget about them. At this stage, our social network is most important influential factor in building up yourself. What is most important thing in all these childhood,teen, and youth are you don't have any responsibilities.So much of fun in colleges, so much of spare time. We don't know what to do? no goals nothing. First time in your life you will be enjoying more freedom from parents. Actually we just time pass no agenda no specific goals less knowledge about society and opportunities. We actually don't what are our interests. Most of us don't know why we have taken specific course in graduation. Now we actually realize that few things we have missed out, should have done during college days.
    One thing I want to say when I meet any college student about "What is good? What is bad? What are Opportunities? How to utilize spare time? How you can make advantage of your freedom and having no responsibilities?

    Friday, August 17, 2012

    Life in dream world - During teen and early childhood.

    In the previous post I missed out saying about talking. We learn how to talk in the early childhood and the influential factors are the language, parents. After starting going to school now the influential factors are teacher, class mates, etc.We learn something from outside world that shows impact in building your character. Then we start watching TV - CN, pogo etc. Any one remember imagining yourself as super hero. Well I do I imagine myself in various scenarios not only as super hero also like when I was in school there was some scenery on my text book. I am imagined myself present at that location and made a movie by adding story to that scenery through out the class. Movies are the most important influential factor during childhood. Obviously, we try to talk and act like a hero. we learn trash talking from movies, we more often see it in Telugu films. There we start actually dreaming about everything which comes into our mind. But, things are not same in the real life.

    Saturday, August 11, 2012

    Introducing a human life

    Hey guyz. I am gonna write my views on a human life and various aspects of human emotions and feelings. Here we go first Of course, one should take birth to have a life. We do observe more as we was new to this world at that time. We don't have much work to do, actually we are not capable of doing anything. Our parents were more conscious  regarding our health & growth. Anyone remember crying in response to syrups and injections. Then teeth were growing in our mouth, we were growing then crawling and walking. Things were moving smoother doing nothing enjoying with our parents and relatives. As we keep on growing we were moving out of our comfort zone. The first problem arrives iSchool. This is the first time we were introduced to the social life. Anyone remember crying on the first day of joining the school. 'uuhhhaa i won't go to school uuhha ha ha' at home and school gate. At last looking at huge people of similar age, height and uniform we go to school. actually our parents convince us to go there 'everyone going to school go go go with him go go'. finally, we go to school and it becomes our daily routine.

    In the upcoming posts, I am gonna write about the rest of the journey and human emotions and feelings.