Saturday, August 11, 2012

Introducing a human life

Hey guyz. I am gonna write my views on a human life and various aspects of human emotions and feelings. Here we go first Of course, one should take birth to have a life. We do observe more as we was new to this world at that time. We don't have much work to do, actually we are not capable of doing anything. Our parents were more conscious  regarding our health & growth. Anyone remember crying in response to syrups and injections. Then teeth were growing in our mouth, we were growing then crawling and walking. Things were moving smoother doing nothing enjoying with our parents and relatives. As we keep on growing we were moving out of our comfort zone. The first problem arrives iSchool. This is the first time we were introduced to the social life. Anyone remember crying on the first day of joining the school. 'uuhhhaa i won't go to school uuhha ha ha' at home and school gate. At last looking at huge people of similar age, height and uniform we go to school. actually our parents convince us to go there 'everyone going to school go go go with him go go'. finally, we go to school and it becomes our daily routine.

In the upcoming posts, I am gonna write about the rest of the journey and human emotions and feelings.

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