Friday, August 17, 2012

Life in dream world - During teen and early childhood.

In the previous post I missed out saying about talking. We learn how to talk in the early childhood and the influential factors are the language, parents. After starting going to school now the influential factors are teacher, class mates, etc.We learn something from outside world that shows impact in building your character. Then we start watching TV - CN, pogo etc. Any one remember imagining yourself as super hero. Well I do I imagine myself in various scenarios not only as super hero also like when I was in school there was some scenery on my text book. I am imagined myself present at that location and made a movie by adding story to that scenery through out the class. Movies are the most important influential factor during childhood. Obviously, we try to talk and act like a hero. we learn trash talking from movies, we more often see it in Telugu films. There we start actually dreaming about everything which comes into our mind. But, things are not same in the real life.

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