Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun, Freedom, Time - Youth

As I said we used to dream much in teenage and childhood, at youth we forget about them. At this stage, our social network is most important influential factor in building up yourself. What is most important thing in all these childhood,teen, and youth are you don't have any responsibilities.So much of fun in colleges, so much of spare time. We don't know what to do? no goals nothing. First time in your life you will be enjoying more freedom from parents. Actually we just time pass no agenda no specific goals less knowledge about society and opportunities. We actually don't what are our interests. Most of us don't know why we have taken specific course in graduation. Now we actually realize that few things we have missed out, should have done during college days.
One thing I want to say when I meet any college student about "What is good? What is bad? What are Opportunities? How to utilize spare time? How you can make advantage of your freedom and having no responsibilities?

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