Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life after College

At this stage we have pretty knowledge on various things and society. We join in an organization. Initially, the things are bit exciting new work place, new mates. We undergone training  and enjoyed in weekends. We waited for most important thing first salary. Few of us donated some to orphanages, few of us went to temples and drop some money in Hundis, few of us brought new cellphones, few of us gave money to parents etc. We have bought whatever we wanted to buy. For few months you seems to enjoy but after few months unknowingly we feel that this is not happening. We needed so much money as soon as we join in any organization. We wanted to buy everything we wanted to buy whatever it may be. We wanted to achieve our childhood dreams or anything we wanted. Then we get realize that this is not gonna happen with our job we have to do something else to fulfill our needs. Then we get realize the most important thing that am i interested in what i am doing right now? what are my interests? What are the ways and what we need to live life happily? At this point of time we realize that 'I should have done this then, I would be like this today'.


  1. Hi,
    Very natural thoughts on the threshold of life!

  2. This one is pretty much similar to one of my blog..."who you really want to be son" do check it

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.